Online photo editing – it’s time for Picnik

picnikEver needed to resize a photo for your website or blog on the go? No photo-editing software handy or you just can’t be bothered to use it? Well we have the answer… Picnik! This new service which of course is currently in beta allows you to edit photos from your computer using a nifty flash based interface. You can do the standard things like resize, crop, and rotate but it also removes red eye, changes colours and sharperns. The best bit is there is no loading times for the effects – the’re instant! The new file can then be downloaded to your computer, sent to flickr, or emailed – neat!


What’s all the twitter about?

In the past few days there has been growing buzz about a relatively new website, Twitter. The site allows you to post a caption describing what you are doing right now. Officially “Twitter is a community of friends and strangers from around the world sending updates about moments in their lives.” I first discovered it when visiting Matt Brett’s blog and was curious to find out more. Over the last few days I have kept spotting more and more new blog posts about it, so I didn’t want to feel left out.

I think the idea is just another step in a direction internet applications are currently heading in. But I like it. It gives you that ultra connected techy info overload feel. You can be sure that soon I will have put a twitter on this blog. However is this yet more nonsense on the Internet? I can’t help feeling that finding out what people had for breakfast is a little useless. PR Blogger discusses the issue more here. User generated content and control are buzz themes of today’s websites so is this where the Internet is heading? Will our lives soon be available on a dashboard webpage?

Welcome to Webfinder: the gates open

Hello and welcome to the webfinder blog. I really hate opening the first posts in blogs so excuse me if this post is a bit short! What is this blog all about? Well like millions of others i’m going to be discussing and writing about that wonderful tool more commonly known as the Internet. This blog is written by the creator of, if you have seen the site you will probably have an opinion on it, which maybe we can discuss at a later date! To find out more about this blog please view the about page. So all there is left to say is enjoy (i’ll try and make it as interesting as possible)…


Welcome to the webfinder blog. This blog is written by the creator of and aims to cover many internet related topics.
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